3 Best Hard Dance Events In Sydney

If you are a hard dance lover in Sydney, then you no doubt want to know what the hottest spots are to go raving. It’s a real joy to attend the multitude of events around Sydney and the only hard part is trying to find the time and money to attend them all.

Let’s take a look at the best hard dance events in Sydney.

1.   Harder Styles United

Harder Styles United (HSU) is currently the #1 in the Australian hard dance scene and is responsible for major festivals like Midnight Mafia, Knockout Circus, and HTID (Hardcore Til I Die). HSU events are noteworthy for mostly being indoor festivals. Being indoors enables them to put on incredible laser shows at earlier times in the day, rather than going overnight like many other raves do.

2.   Oneseventy

While much smaller in scope than the previous entry, Oneseventy is where the heart and soul of the Sydney rave scene can be seen on display. An event with UK hardcore as its focus, it is known for having a bubbly atmosphere and is run by DJ JTS and DJ Technikore.

3.   Masif Saturdays

Masif Saturdays has been the #1 weekly hard dance nightclub in Australia for many years and is one of the most unique nightclubs in Sydney.





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