Best Hip Hop Songs From The 90s

If you are thinking about the golden age of hip hop, the 90s probably comes to mind. Even if you weren’t born in the 90s, you can probably still appreciate a lot of these songs, and you might have heard them before. There were a lot of new artists that made a splash in the 90s, as well as some who have been in the game for a while.

The 90s was a time where a whole heap of music, especially hip hop music, so there is certainly a lot of songs in the running to be included and known as one of the best during this decade. Not only are the songs amazing, but the video clips attached are also iconic. So, strap yourself in and let’s take a look back at the weird and wonderful hip hop music in the 90s.

If you are looking for something to jam to or adding a couple of new (old) songs to your playlist, then have a read on below at some of the best hip hops songs from the 90s:


Gin & Juice by Snoop Dogg

If you are thinking about one of the most popular hip hop or rap artists of the 90s, then you simply cannot go past the great Snoop Dogg. He had so many hits in the 90s and beyond; he is still pumping out awesome songs to this day. This song really helped to propel Snoop Dogg into one of the biggest players in the game.


Jump Around by House of Pain

While some of the lyrics of this song may be a little bit difficult to understand, the beats are completely recognisable even for those people who weren’t around in the 90s. If you are having a party, this one certainly needs to be on your playlist as it is a sure fire song to get people up and dancing.


California Love by 2Pac

2Pac was so completely dominant in the 90s and his song California Love was pretty much played exclusively on repeat for many years. The video clip to this song is also worth a watch. This 2Pac classic was released in 1995, just after he was freed from jail.


Let’s Talk About Sex by Salt-N-Pepper

Salt-N-Pepper were pretty much the unrivaled queens of hip hop in the 90s with songs like Let’s Talk About Sex and Push It still classics to this day. Their kickass attitude ensured that they were noticed and loved by many right across the world. Let’s Talk About Sex could be found playing at the club in the 90s pretty much every night.


Nuthin’ But A ‘G’ Thang by Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg

No list about the greatest hip hop songs of the 90s would be complete without mention the great Dr Dre, he had an extraordinary amount of influence and power in the 90s hip hop game and you may not know just how many other artists he had a hand in creating and propelling them to fame. With the help of none other than Snoop Dogg himself, Nuthin’ But A ‘G’ Thang became a popular hip hop song of the 90s.


Hard Knock Life by Jay Z

Jay Z is still a well known hip hop/ rap artist these days, but where he first made a splash was in the 90s and one if he greatest tracks was Hard Knock Life. If you have ever watched Annie the musical, then you probably have heard the chorus of this song. This was quite an odd song, but it just worked and people all over the world loved it, the song even going platinum.






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