Sonic Radiation’s new track Roentgen will transport you out of this world

Texas-based solo EDM producer Sonic Radiation (real name Todd Last) puts a lot of thought and energy into his music, and his latest track Roentgen is no exception.  With his sights set on pushing the boundaries for what is possible with EDM, Sonic Radiation is a producer who is never satisfied with the status quo.

Roentgen is a track that achieves a sublime mix of fundamental progressive trance elements with experimental sounds that make it a real treat to listen to. Closing your eyes and listening to this track with headphones encourages your mind to wander and envision a futuristic, alien world that is unlike anything you’ve experienced.

The meticulous, crisp, and diverse sound design of Roentgen really speaks to the technical proficiency of Sonic Radiation as a producer. Wonderfully composed and exquisitely mastered, Roentgen hits all the marks necessary to be a memorable EDM track but goes a step further.

Sonic Radiation’s use of hard-hitting kick drums and unique synthesised melodies achieves an atmospherically dense soundscape that pleasantly unfolds over the course of the track. While the grander sound design is very atmospheric, Roentgen still has a raw energy to it that makes it equally enjoyable as a dance or workout track.

With Sonic Radiation listing Front 242 and Star Wars as two of his artistic influences, his passion for exploring unique, space-age sounds comes as no surprise.

Ultimately, Roentgen is an expertly arranged mix of old-school techno/trance elements and experimental sounds that makes for a refreshing listening experience for any EDM fan.

Roentgen drops on music streaming platforms on 20/11/2020. Explore Sonic Radiation’s catalogue on Spotify here.




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