Tana Rose might be the world’s busiest musician at only 23

Tana Rose is a young American singer/songwriter who, apart from working on her own music, also writes and produces music for a wide variety of emerging artists around the world. Growing up in San Francisco, she studied as a classically trained pianist and vocalist, getting instruction from the likes of Jetha Hothman and Mary Drummond.

Tana’s passion for all things music became clear when her family witnessed her writing, composing, and producing entire projects by the time of her 12th birthday. She went on to attend singing and acting classes in high school and then studied at The Los Angeles Film & Recording School.

Studying under and working closely with industry names like Andrew Lane and Joel Numa, Tana ended up graduating with degrees in recording arts, music production, and entertainment business management.

Since then, Tana has written over 150 compositions and is the Chief Operating Officer of KB Recording Group, which enjoys distribution ties to Sony Music Entertainment. Through KB Recording Group, Tana has helped a lot of new recording artists to get a start in the industry.

When she’s not working with or on behalf of other artists, Tana is conquering her own music goals. She released her first album titled ‘Petals & Thorns’ in 2019, and her most recent single ‘Scars & Cuts’ was released earlier in 2020.

Not only does Tana ace the music side of things, but she manages to find time to expertly craft her image as a performer and as an entertainment personality. She’s worked hard with her team to produce 2 live-action music videos (in which Tana performs and acts), and several animated lyric videos to accompany her original songs.

She’s also very in touch with the social media side of things and has several hilarious Tik Tok compilations on her YouTube channel. Speaking of Tana’s YouTube channel, she also releases a new cover every Saturday for her subscribers.

With all of this work, Tana doesn’t have much time to unwind in the way other women her age might. Instead, Tana keeps busy and is always musically focused, always working towards her goals.

While this amount of work might sound crazy, Tana’s consistent effort has paid off. Starting this November, she’s going to be releasing a new single every month – a testament to her songwriting hustle.

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