The Greatest Ever Kanye West Songs

Kanye West is a staple artist in the music industry. He and his music continue to evolve over time to allow for complete domination for such a long time. Yes, he may be a bit controversial at times, but his music really speaks to people, which is why he has so many fans.

In itself, Kanye West is a very interesting person and people are curious to see what he does next. More recently, he has announced he will be running for President of United States. There will be a lot of people keeping a close eye on what happens there!

Over the course of his career Kanye West has released a stack of albums, all very unique and distinct from one another, and all with a couple of tracks the dominate the charts. So, have a read on below at some of the greatest ever Kanye West songs:


Love Lockdown

A pretty catchy tune with a distinct heavy drum sound, you certainly would have heard this song, even if you aren’t a Kanye West fan. The song was released in 2008 and it is said to be about a few things in his life that haven’t gone his way. At the time he had recently lost his mother and a relationship had just broken down.


Ni***s in Paris

The collaboration with Jay-Z set this song alight and it certainly takes its rightful place as one of the best ever Kanye West songs. He performed this song live countless times with Jay-Z and the crowd certainly went wild. The tune was released in 2011 and it reached as high as #5 on the charts.



From The Life of Pablo album this song features the smooth voice of The Weekend that fits in so perfectly on what the tune is trying to achieve. The song was able to resonate with a lot of different fans right around the world and you will see it still to this day sitting on a number of different playlists.


Can’t Tell Me Nothing

The ultimate F-you song for all the teenagers and young adults at the time, the lyrics are so powerful it managed to get all his fans hyped. It kind of turned into an anthem for his fans of not caring. The music video to Can’t Tell Me Nothing is certainly also worth checking out.



Many fans would believe that this song deserves a place on the greatest ever Kanye West songs list. It is one of the best songs with beautiful lyrics and beat, just all round amazing. Kanye West singing with the cello playing really brings the song to a whole other level, and the song certainly holds a special place in many fan’s hearts.


Gold Digger

An oldie but a goody, this song needed to be included on this list for a number of different reasons and Gold Digger just happened to be one the first mainstream songs. This song meant that everyone turned and took notice of this artist. It also helped that the song also had the voice of the great Jamie Foxx included in it as well. Still such a catchy song, you will even hear it playing at the clubs to this day.



Probably a staple on every person’s running or workout playlist, this song hits the spot. For this tune he gets the assistance of dance duo Daft Punk, and they really help taking it to the next level. This song is certainly one of Kanye West’s best from his earlier years, and it really demands the attention of those listening.






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