Things Worth Waiting For In The Imagination Festival

No matter what genre of music you are into; you are probably going to have to wait until the worldwide COVID-19 situation is a little better before you can start making your way to music festivals again. It is certainly an unfortunate situation but there are a few music festivals that are going to be worth the wait, like the Imagination Festival.

The Imagination music festival is for all those fans of hard dance and it is more than just a stock standard music festival. There is so much more you can see and do at the Imagination festival, so if you are able to get on over to the Czech Republic in 2021, then you certainly should! The 2020 edition of the festival has been cancelled, but organisers are working on releasing a new date in 2021.

While it is going to be annoying having to wait for such an amazing music festival, it is going to be worth it! Have a read on below at some of the things that are worth waiting until 2021 for at the Imagination festival:


Two Massive Stages

That’s right, there isn’t really just one main stage, but there are two. The organisers of the event really put time and effort in to ensure that no matter where you are in the crowd you still get quality sound and can see what is happening.

Live performances at Imagination are all about the show and spectacle, so you can be guaranteed that there will be heaps of LED lights and screens. All you need to do is have a heap of fun and dance the night away. No matter the artist on the stage, you’ll be able to get super hyped!


The Meet and Greet

If you have ever wanted to meet your favourite hand dance artist, then the Imagination festival is probably a good place to be. The great thing about the meet and greets at the Imagination festival is that they are free.

But you also need to know that everyone may be looking to meet the same artists, so have a look at the schedule to make sure you get in the line as early as possible to ensure you meet the artist. There would certainly not be anything worse then waiting in a long queue only to not actually meet the artist.


International Artists

While the line up for the 2021 event has not been finalised, just taking a look back at the previous year’s line up will give you some good indication on what to expect. There are artists from right around the world that come to play at this music festival.

With so many different artists to see and such little time to see them all in, you may need to make some compromises. You can’t be in the crowd the whole time, you will need to do things like eat, have a drink, go to the bathroom, etc. So make a plan of the artists you really want to see and then you can work everything else around that.


The Experiences of Prague

This may be your first time in Prague, so you can get to soak up the culture and atmosphere. If you are travelling from a while away, like the United States, then you may even want to book a holiday around the music festival so you can see other parts of Prague and potentially even more countries in Europe. There is certainly a lot to do in Prague with shopping, drinking and cafes all worthwhile checking out.






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