What Is Mumble Rap?

With the evolution of hip hop, a new competitor arose in the past couple of years, coming to dominate the market. A new style of rapping called mumble rap, due to its hard to understand the style of rapping. As well as this, it revolves around trap beats, with a lack of creative lyricism and involves a form of rapping mixed with singing.

Whilst not always accepted by older hip hop heads, mumble rap has blown up in popularity and tops the charts consistently being topped by the likes of mumble rappers, including Lil Pump, Future, Lil Uzi Vert, 6ix9ine and Migos.

The formula of placing auto-tune over simple lyrics with a catchy hook and a banging trap instrumental has been so successful that there are so many new mumble rapper artists coming out, and sometimes it can be hard to differentiate them all.

Whether you like it or not, mumble rap is here to stay.





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