Kilo House’s New Track Marsha Doubles as Tribute To his Mother

Somewhat of a departure from the darker-themed tracks he’s best known for, trap artist Kilo House has produced a new track titled ‘Marsha’. The track samples the iconic “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia” rant from the Brady Bunch, where Jan Brady (portrayed by Eve Plumb) whines about her older sister Marcia getting all the attention in the family.

Marsha is also the name of Kilo’s real-life mother, so it was undoubtedly fun for him make this track not only as a reference to an iconic TV show but also a tribute to a massively important figure in his life. The art for the track actually incorporates an image of his mother as a child playfully hiding behind a bush.

While he isn’t sampling anything dark and gritty with this track, the production is still super heavy. Kilo constructed the track so that the “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia” is heard just before the drop.

The strings present in the intro and mid-intro sound great, and they have that grand orchestral feel that Kilo is adept at incorporating into his tracks. The atmosphere really sucks you in and keeps you listening right till the end.

The main drop features high pitch plucks that give the track a floaty feel while remaining grounded in the heavy bass Kilo is a master of. As an artist, Kilo has again impressed with his ability to experiment and keep every track unique without sacrificing the core appeal of his music.

The delayed second drop really adds some weight to the end of the track. As per usual with Kilo House, the percussion is incredibly clean and has a real punch that will give you goosebumps.

Ultimately, Marsha is very worthy addition to Kilo Houses’ catalogue of bass music gems, and there is no doubt that fans will eat it up.






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