New EDM Artists Set To Make A Splash

The EDM scene has certainly grown a lot over the past few years. EDM music is starting to become more mainstream and feature heavily on top charts around the world. People love EDM because it is something that you can get up and dance to. There are even a lot of festivals around the world just for this type of music.

As EDM is constantly evolving, there are always new players coming onto the scene that are expected to do amazing things. If you are looking for some new EDM artists to follow and some new tunes, then you have certainly come to the right place. You are sure to find some artists worthy of adding them to your playlist.

There are a number of up and coming EDM artists right now, but have a look below at the  few selected that are really set to make a splash in the EDM scene:


P Tee Money

He is a London DJ and his real name is Prince Thompson Iyamu. He lives and breathes electronic music and has been a DJ since the early 90s. P Tee Money draws his inspiration from other artists like Earth, Wind and Fire as well as George Duke.



Located in New York, Codes is certainly one to watch at the moment. Just one look at the EP Money and you’ll know why. Codes is already able to pull pretty big crowds at different festivals, so if you are looking to jump on the bandwagon, you better do it quickly. His live performances are out of this world, and something you definitely want to see.



His real name is Garret Lockhart and he is located in the United States. He likes to do things a little bit differently which is why he is starting to build quite a substantial fan base. He has the ability to blend a whole heap of sub-genres into the one amazing EDM tune that really gets people up and dancing. One of his most popular songs to date is Not Techno.



He is a producer and DJ who is now based in London. Etherwood has even managed to gain support from a lot of different local radio stations like Rinse FM, Radio One, and Capital FM. He has only been on the scene for a short amount of time, but is already making some pretty big waves. Etherwood is certainly worth checking out if you are looking for something fresh and new.



Another London based producer and DJ set for big things very soon. He has an awesome single called My Sister in 2013 that was very popular, and it helped him gain support of the likes of Green Velvet, Loco Dice and even Groove Amanda. Over his career, Weiss has performed at some of the greatest venues right around the world, so make sure you check him out.


Linded Jay

Once again a London based producer, Linded Jay is set to make a splash pretty soon. He wears many different hats and even drummed on the great Paloma Faith’s track Upside Down. He has since done a number of different collaborations and you may well of heard some of his work in one way or another.


Matt Fear

Based in Leeds, Matt Fear is a DJ and a producer that is changing the face of electronic music. He is pretty popular right around Europe for his heavy bass and disco type music. He has toured right around the world and even played at the Snowbombing Festival.






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