Why You Should Attend The Fatality Music Festival

While there might not be a Fatality hard dance music festival in 2020, due to COVID-19, the organizers have rescheduled the festival in 2021. Known as the raw outdoor festival, it is located in the Netherlands, so you might want to see if you can book that trip to Europe if you don’t live close by.

They already have their line up available on their Facebook event page as well as their website. So, if you are into hard dance, this should be one of the top music festivals you would want to attend as soon as possible. The festival is due to take place over two days from 31st July to 1st August.

Whether or not you have heard of the Fatality music festival before, there are plenty of reasons as to why you should be looking to snap up some of the tickets (when available), have a read on below to find out why:


The Live Acts

There is an incredible line up of live acts set to perform at the 2021 festival, some of which including; Act Of Rage, Sickmode, Malice, Bloodlust, Unresolved and many, many more. If you are a fan of this genre of music, these are DJs and artists that you simply cannot pass upon. There are also a number of other acts that will be performing, just not live.


Italian Duo, Malice, Are Hosting

As explained in the point above, Malice is one of the headlines acts at the Fatality music festival in 2021. Well, they are also going to be the host, which means you will probably be seeing a lot more of them. So, if you are fans of this Italian duo, you pretty much have no other option but to purchase your tickets!


The Party Atmosphere

Just like with any other music festival, Fatality brings that awesome party atmosphere that you have probably been craving. You get to party with other like-minded people who are just as much into hard dance as you are. The live acts also know how to put on a show, so you are sure to be entertained as you party long into the night.


Bang For Your Buck

While the tickets for the Fatality music festival have not been released yet, in the past tickets were as little as €44.35 (or around $50 USD), so you know you are getting value for money. What is even more amazing about the price is that you get to see major artists in the hard dance industry playing for such a low price, you definitely get bang for your buck at this festival.


Sunny Days, Warm Nights

As it will be summer in Europe, you can expect the weather to be awesome. There is nothing worse than spending the day at an outdoor festival when it is raining. All you will need to do is ensure you drink enough liquids, wear a hat and sunscreen to ensure you don’t get heatstroke or sunburnt.


The Beach

The Fatality music festival is located near a beach. This means that if it is a particularly hot sunny day and you need to cool off, it’s pretty easy! Also, nothing gives off more of a party vibe than a music festival near the beach. Even if you do want to cool off, you’ll never be too far away from the action.


The Unknown Acts

While you come for the headline acts, you should stay for the unknown discoveries. It is always fun and exciting to listen to a new act play live and instantly fall in love with them. You’ll also have something new to add to your playlist.





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