The 4 Best Eminem Albums

Eminem is certainly one of the most controversial figures in the world of rap. But there is no doubting his talent and he has been around and dominates in the industry for a pretty long time now. He has a massive fan base right around the world and has gone on countless world tours.

He is not afraid to speak his mind and talk about his past, which is why so many people are able to relate to him. His songs are powerful and he has had the help of many other artists to make him the person he is today. He has released a number of different albums over his career, some more popular than others.

So, let’s take a look at some of Eminem’s more popular albums that really struck a chord with fans and got people to stand up and notice the amazing artist right in front of them:


The Slim Shady LP (1996)

The storytelling in this album makes it one of the greats. This album was written to shock people and it certainly did, with a couple of lawsuits filled in relation to what was said on this album. Eminem introduces fans to the character that is Slim Shady and he is certainly far from perfect.

In this album, he takes shots at his father, mother, and ex-girlfriend. The Slim Shady LP became a massive sensation and fans loved the honesty in the music, and it didn’t hurt that Dr. Dre was also there to lend a helping hand. This was one of the first albums that really helped Eminem nail a lasting spot in the rap scene.


The Marshall Mathers LP (2000)

His personal life was on display for the world to see, and it seemed like Eminem wouldn’t have had it any other way. This album featured one of Eminem’s most powerful songs of all time, Stan, which to this day would send shivers or give fans goosebumps when listening to it.

This entire album is so raw and real which makes it a massive hit to this day. It is Eminem doing what he does best, using shock tactics to get people’s attention and it is what makes this album one of his most intriguing. If you haven’t listened to this album is a while, it’s probably due for another listen soon!


The Eminem Show (2002)

There are a number of awesome hits on this album that took the world by storm in 2002 and songs that people still love to this day. This album includes the songs Cleaning Out My Closet and Without Me, both completely different, but both just as popular and powerful.

Cleaning Out My Closet is the raw and extremely powerful song where he disses is mother the entire time. It is a very detailed look into his life as a child and what he had to endure. Without Me on the other hand, is more of a comical tune that many have tried to learn the rap word for word to.


The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (2013)

One of Eminem’s newer albums deserves a spot on this list. The single Headlights is probably one of the most popular songs from this album and it is Eminem reflecting on his song from a previous album, Cleaning Out My Closet.

It is an apology to his mother, and Eminem now refused to perform Cleaning Out My Closet live. This album is truly remarkable in a number of different ways and really sees Eminem returning to his best rap self and is loved by many around the world.






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