4 best hip-hop artists to keep your eyes on

If you enjoy hip-hop music, then it’s a good idea to update yourself on who’s trending very so often. Take a look at the following list of the # best hip-hop artists to keep an eye on.

Pop Smoke

Pop Smoke is bringing back the grimey sound of New York hip-hop that made that city the heart of East Coast rap culture. His 2019 track ‘Welcome to the Party’ became an instant hit in the underground scene.

Rod Wave

Rod Wave is part of a new ‘wave’ of rappers who is focusing on meaningful lyrics and is reminiscent of Drake in that regard. His EP Ghetto Gospel did very well and got him a good deal of attention.

Layton Greene

Female hip-hop artist Layton Green is only 21 years old but had a lot of heartache to base her songs around. She is very relatable to her generation and commands a lot of attention.

Trevor Daniel

Trevor Daniel is another example of how viral video can bring an obscure artist into the limelight very quickly. His track ‘Falling’ was used in many viral videos on the platform Tik Tok which gave him a lot to smile about.




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