The Story Behind The Tune: Hard Dance Has Emotions

Hard dance music isn’t just about creating tracks that make people want to dance to, some of the songs actually have meaning and emotions behind the music. Most of the time people aren’t even aware of the emotions behind a particular track, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t anything there.

As the hard dance becomes more popular, there are more and more artists trying their hand at this music genre. This is great for fans because it means that there is now more music then ever to listen to and enjoy. While you may be enjoying your next hard dance track, make sure you have a think about whether or not there is a story behind the tune.

While not every hard dance song as an emotional story behind the song, have a read on below at some of the songs that do:


Become by Da Tweekaz (featuring Marion Kelly)

This is a particularly emotional song, which was released in 2011. Da Tweekaz’s Become was about the terrorist attack on a Norwegian Island. The terrorist shot and killed 69 children, he had anti-Islamic beliefs. The artist wanted to show respect to the victims of this terrorist attack by writing Become.

When Da Tweekaz played this song live, there were a lot of the victims loved ones in the crowd. He recalls that both the crowd and he were crying during the live performance. This is truly an emotional song about something that happens way too often in this world.


Faye by Coone

Coone wrote this song for his daughter, Faye and he believes this is by far the most emotional song. This tune is all about giving his daughter advice for her life and how to overcome adversity and move forward even though it seems very difficult. Even the music video clip for this song is really special, so if you haven’t heard this song or seen the video, it is definitely something worth checking out.


Sound Becomes One by Partyraiser & Destructive Tendencies

It is difficult to deal with the death of a loved one, no matter how old you are. When Wesley’s day passed away, Sound Becomes One was created in his honor. It can be difficult to understand the emotions in this song because it is more hardstyle, but this song was dedicated to his father.


See Me Now (For What It’s Worth) by Mark with a K

Relationships with parents are never easy, even at the best of times. See Me Now (For What It’s Worth) follows the story of a father and son relationship where the father doesn’t show any support to the son.

The music video to this tune is also very worthwhile watching and will help bring forward the emotions of the song perfectly. The artist explained more about this song saying that his father, who passed away when he was 17, never thought he would be anyone or do anything in his life.


Until We Meet Again by Ran-D & Reddix

This track was released back in 2011 and was created for Reddix’s brother who was brutally murdered outside a club without any apparent motive. Until We Meet again was dedicated to his brother, Koen Buitelaar and the artist tries to come to some sort of understanding of why this happened.

Koen Buitelaar was murdered outside a club where Reddix was a DJ. The story and emotions behind this song are truly heartbreaking. If you haven’t listened to this song in a while or ever before, now is certainly the time to hear it for yourself.






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