Best Songs To Listen To From Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden is certainly one of the best metal bands of all time. They have released countless headbanging hits and have performed at numerous sold-out venues right around the world. The band is simply iconic and people who aren’t even fans of metal music would have probably heard of this band before.

Due to the fact that they have released so many different songs, it is so difficult to choose just a few to be included at the top of the top. Each and every fan has their own personal list of songs they believe to be the best. But here it is important to try to remain as impartial as possible and look at the facts as well as a little bit of bias.

So, keeping that all in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best songs to listen to from Iron Maiden:


The Number of the Beast

If you are looking for a particularly screamo song, then The Number of the Beast should certainly be up there. The scream of Bruce Dickinson is simply perfection, if you are into that kind of stuff and it really hasn’t been able to be replicated again. This scream was said to be improvised after Brue Dickinson become annoyed at the band’s producer.


Aces High

From the 1984 album Powerslave, this song follows the journey of a British pilot fighting against the Germans in the Battle of Britain in 1940. It is a truly classic Iron Maiden song and does deserve a place on this list. Aces High gives fans everything that they could have asked for and over time has become an iconic song in the metal genre.


Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Another great single from the 1984 Powerslave album and even Bruce Dickinson said that this was his favourite song to perform live. If you are looking for a spooky song to give you goosebumps, then Rime of the Ancient Mariner is the song for you. This tune also has some of the most iconic riffs and the bass is perfection.


The Trooper

No Iron Maiden song fits more perfectly for Bruce Dickinson then The Trooper. This single was part of the album Piece of Mind, released in 1983 and it really got people’s attention. If you ever saw this band live, you certainly would have wanted to hear them play this song. If you haven’t listened to this song in a while, it might be time to give the track, or even the album another spin.


Hallowed Be Thy Name

Probably the best of the best, Hallowed Be Thy Name was from Iron Maiden’s 1982 album The Number of the Beast. It is the final song of the album and many believe the metal band saved the best until last. While this song was played live by the band constantly when touring, it surprisingly didn’t make the cut when Iron Maiden went on their more recent world tour in 2012.


The Evil That Men Do

This single is loved by many fans and it is considered to be one of the best from their 7th album, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, released in 1988. This song is classic Iron Maiden and it kept fans incredibly happy. The chorus of The Evil That Men Do really gets the fan’s blood pumping.


Run to the Hills

The chorus is just so punchy that any fan is not likely to forget it any time soon. From one of their early albums, released in 1982, on The Number of the Beast, this track contains powerful and unforgettable lyrics that the fans love.






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