Top 3 EDM festivals across the world

EDM is a varied genre of music primarily used in nightclub, raves and festivals. There’s a reason why the biggest EDM festivals across the world get some of the largest attendance numbers for any music festival. If you are a diehard EDM fan, here are the best EDM festivals you must experience at some point in your life.

Ostend Beach Festival

Held in Ostend, Belgium most years, the Ostend Festival is basically Belgium’s biggest beach party. With a line-up of over 80 top DJs from across the world, this festival blends scenic North Sea views with straight-up summer vibes. A must-try for everyone.

51st State Festival

Held in August, this London-based festival honours a variety of house music. Ranging from classic house to soul and dub, this festival is perfect should you be looking for something to do in London in early August.


Tomorrowland is one of the biggest EDM festivals in the world. It goes for 9 days and usually hosts around 400 000 people during that time. The festival takes place in Boom, Belgium, which is located approximately 40 minutes away from Brussels. With over 1000 different acts, Tomorrowland patrons are always spoilt for choice.




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