About Us

Radio Elvin has been providing listeners with a variety of excellent tunes and songs for well over a decade. Founded in 2009, Radio Elvin can be found on 100.6fm, where we’ve been broadcasting to thousands of Americans across the United States.

But where did it all begin for us? It all started with our group of friends, all of whom had wildly different music tastes and preferences. We realised that there wasn’t one singular radio station that broadcasted a real range of all music available online. Most radio stations continue to gravitate towards more mainstream genres, like EDM, pop and rap.

We wanted to create a radio station that was in touch with modern sounds as well as styles from the past, like classical jazz. Throw in a bit of country music and film music, and you’ve got a well-grounded radio station. We managed to get things up and running in Los Angeles, California, where we’ve been operating ever since.

Our philosophy remains the same – to provide music that is catered to everyone’s preferences. Whether it be country, EDM, rap, rock, metal, jazz or even something obscure like film scores, there is something for everyone at Radio Elvin. All you need to do is tune in!