Beethoven Songs That Are Still Popular Today

Ludwig van Beethoven has had a massive influence on classical music and there are a number of his compositions that are still relevant and used today. While you may not recognise the official song titles, just listening to a few seconds of the tune, you will be able to place it.

He was an iconic figure and helped shape classical music from different periods, the Classical and Romantic era. What is even more astonishing about Ludwig van Beethoven is that as he continued to age, he began to lose his hearing, and by the time is was 40, he was completely deaf. His influence is still felt far and wide, to this day, in areas like pop culture, opera, films, etc.

During his time he composed many classical masterpieces that would still probably be recognised by even the most classical novice there is. So, look on below to find out more information about some of Ludwig van Beethoven’s most popular pieces of work:


Piano Concerto No. 3

There was a time were it seemed like he was living in the shadow of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This iconic piece helped Ludwig van Beethoven establish himself as one of the greatest of all time. The music is iconic and complex, which is why it has been able to remain relevant for centuries. Pianists right around the world try to play this song well.


String Quartet No. 14 in C Sharp Minor

Known by many as one of his very own favourites, and it is easy to see why. This piece of music is truly taken to a whole other level and is one of Ludwig van Beethoven’s most technical pieces. There are many string quartets around the world that play this piece of music, if you have the chance, there’s nothing better then hearing this work played live.


Symphony No. 5

One word for this piece of music; iconic. It is used again and again in pop culture and throughout TV and films. If you don’t know what Symphony No. 5 is, go to YouTube and all you need to do is listen to the first couple of seconds and you’ll know the piece. The video of Symphony No. 5 performed at Royal Albert Hall in 2012 is been viewed almost 8 million times.


Symphony No. 9

This is another astonishing piece of work by Ludwig van Beethoven. The piece is around 1 hour long and stands a one of his most complex pieces. This work holds a place in a lot of people’s hearts, as it was the last full symphony he completed before he passed away. The YouTube video with Symphony No. 9 has over 104 million views!


Symphony No. 7

This piece was played for soldiers returning from the Battle of Hanau in 1813, and it is known as one of Ludwig van Beethoven’s more lighter and happier pieces of work. The themes of this very popular music work well together, which is why it deserves a place on this list of popular Ludwig van Beethoven tunes and this song is light and bouncy all the way through.



Ludwig van Beethoven didn’t really work that much, or have much to do what opera, but his composition, Fidelio is a real winner. There are moments of brilliance in this music that allow for fans of classical music to fall in love with the artist all over again. While opera may not be every person’s cup of tea, it is highly recommended you see this opera live, or at least watch parts of it on YouTube.


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Beethoven Songs That Are Still Popular Today

Ludwig van Beethoven has had a massive influence on classical music and there are a number of his compositions that are still relevant and...

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