The Best Songs From The Great Frank Sinatra

Everyone wanted to be like Frank Sinatra, he just was able to ooze coolness and confidence. His musical career spanned decades and he was always able to remain popular and create music that people loved. Even today, although passing away in 1998, he is still deeply embedded in music culture and is remembered as one of the greatest of all time.

Frank Sinatra was a true entertainer and while there are many of his songs that are simply amazing, only a select few could make this list. Some songs that were just so iconic that you cannot ignore them. While many have missed out on seeing the great Frank Sinatra play live, there is always YouTube to relive some of his best works.

Frank Sinatra’s solo career really took off and he had a significant amount of #1 hits to his name. So, have a read on below at some of the best songs from the great Frank Sinatra:


Come Fly With Me

If you think of Frank Sinatra, Come Fly With Me is probably one of the first songs you think of. This track was clearly one of his most iconic and it gripped not only America but also the entire world. His voice is perfect and the band nailed every single note. It was the song that lifted up the entire country during 1958.


New York, New York

Another pretty classic Frank Sinatra song, this track was on his album Trilogy: Past Present Future from 1979. New York, New York was Frank Sinatra’s last top 40 hit. Two years earlier Liza Minnelli performed this song, which was amazing in its own right. But Frank Sinatra was really able to make it his own and it quickly became one of his most well-known tracks.


Somethin’ Stupid (featuring Nancy Sinatra)

While this song was written to be performed by other people, Frank Sinatra and his daughter were able to make it the massive success it become. Nancy Sinatra was quickly becoming a well known and appreciated artist in her own right, with her hit like These Boots Are Made For Walkin’, but fans loved to see the father and daughter duo performing together.


The Lady Is a Tramp

This tune was first heard in 1937 in a musical called Babes In Arms. A further 20 years later saw Frank Sinatra’s version of the song, and it is one of his best. It was a very successful tune that many fans adored. More recently, in 2011, The Lady Is a Tramp was covered by Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, this version of the song managed to hit #1 on the jazz digital songs chart.


I’ve Got You Under My Skin

The 1956 classic that you just cannot ignore from Frank Sinatra. It was originally written in 1936 and sung by Virginia Bruce, and it even was nominated for an Academy Award. A decade later is when Frank Sinatra first performed the song, but it wasn’t until 1956 when he officially recorded it. You should certainly have a listen to the classic song now, you certainly won’t regret it, the timeless beauty of the song will continue to age like fine wine.


All Or Nothing At All

Another true Frank Sinatra classic, written in 1939 he first recorded it with the Harry James Orchestra and it didn’t gain much traction. However, in 1943, Columbia Records reissued the track and it shot up to #2 on the charts and cemented itself as one of the best Frank Sinatra tracks of all time, this is a classic you cannot ignore.






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