Best Musical Films Of All Time

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned musical film?! There are a lot of different musicals that have graced our screens over the years; you probably already have a couple of favourite. But, it is always good to expand your horizons and watch some of the most iconic musical films of all time, if you haven’t watched them all already.

Whether you’re into the classic musical films or looking for something a little bit more modern, you are sure to find something for you to watch. Not only will these musical films get you singing at the top of your lungs and dancing, but they also feature some of the most recognisable songs that are popular in their own right.

Have a read on below to find out more information about some of the best musical films of all time:



Now, if you are thinking best musical films of all time, you can’t really not have Grease on the list, released in 1978, it is still much loved (and watched) to this day. Probably one of the most memorable songs from this musical film is You’re the One That I Want, and it has also become a karaoke favourite.



If you are looking for a feel-good film, then you really can’t go past Hairspray. With a stellar cast including the likes of John Travolta, Zac Efron, Brittany Snow, Queen Latifah, James Marsden, and Michelle Pfeiffer, this film hits the right spot. It’s a great coming of age movie that provides a lot of laughs along the way, and even addresses the more serious topic of racism and equality for all.


The Greatest Showman

Released in 2017, it is one the latest and greatest musical films and it showcases the amazing acting and singing of the great Hugh Jackman, as well as Zac Efron and Zendaya. The storyline behind this movie is what made it such a massive hit and the song, This Is Me, dominated the charts for a while. If you haven’t watched the film yet, you are missing out!


Singin’ in the Rain

A true classic from the mid-1950s, fans to this day still love the amazing musical movie, Singin’ in the Rain. If you are looking for a light romantic comedy to get you through a cold night (or any night for that matter), you can’t go wrong with this classic. There are so many iconic songs and scenes from the movie!



Anything with Beyoncé in it is probably going to be a hit, and Dreamgirls was certainly no exception. Although it was actually Jennifer Hudson that was the true standout in this musical film, she even won an Oscar for her performance. Dreamgirls also starred other well-known actors like Jamie Foxx and Eddie Murphy.


A Star Is Born

One of the more recent musical films (the remake from 1937 original) and the 2018 version truly did take the world by storm. Not only was the film itself a major success, but also the songs from it dominated the charts for a significant amount of time. The song, Shallow, is considered one of the best songs from the move and even won Lady Gaga her first Oscar. This was Lady Gaga’s acting debut.



With a cast including Catherine Zeta-Jones, Richard Gere and Renee Zellweger, it’s easy to see how this musical film was so successful; it even won 6 Academy Awards. It included a range of amazing songs, including none other then Cell Block Tango. You really can’t go past Chicago if you are looking to watch a musical film.






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