Does playing classical music make your baby smarter?

Every parent wants the best future for their child, and some parents believe in the concept of ‘infant determinism,’ which loosely states that exposure to stimuli at a young age (including in the womb) can affect the adult they eventually become. This has conjured up an image of pregnant mothers sitting next to record players, having classics like Beethoven and Mozart on repeat for the benefit of their little unborn genius.

But is there actually any truth to this? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Several studies have been conducted by scientists who have failed to confirm any meaningful correlation between exposure to classical music and an increase in intelligence.

In fact, those who propagate this myth likely are uninformed or have a vested interest. There is an entire category of children’s music CDs dedicated to classical music, preying on the misguided belief that playing Mozart for a small child will set them on the path to intellectual greatness.

However, giving your child a robust experience of music can still be beneficial for them. A child who listens to Mozart or his contemporaries might discover an interest in composing music or playing an instrument, both career paths that any parents can be proud of.





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