Most Popular Blake Shelton Songs

Blake Shelton is a truly lovable character and has been around on the scene for a while now. He has released a number of albums with singles that have been able to top the charts. Not only is he an amazing country artist, but he is also one of the coaches on the American version of The Voice.

There are simply so many different songs to choose from that are taken to the next level by Blake Shelton, but only a few can make it onto this list. He has got more than 20 #1 hits in the country music charts, so it definitely makes it hard to choose the best of the best. Blake Shelton is a true entertainer and has fans right around the world.

Only a select few can make this list of best Blake Shelton songs, have a read on below to see which ones are some of his best work:


Lonely Tonight (featuring Ashley Monroe)

It is the voice of Ashley Monroe that really helps take this track to the next level. Blake Shelton and Ashley Monroe are on the same level, which makes their voices an amazing combination. This duet has been able to remain popular for a few years now and is widely considered one of Blake Shelton’s best collaborations with another artist.


The Baby

If you are going to have a list of the best Blake Shelton songs, then The Baby certainly needs to be here. The emotion Blake Shelton shows on this track is enough to make the toughest man cry. The Baby was also Blake Shelton’s second song that went #1 and it shows just how much he was able to grow as an artist.


She Wouldn’t Be Gone

If you are looking for one of Blake Shelton’s most under-appreciated songs, then look no further then She Wouldn’t Be Gone. Yes, it did hold a high position on the charts, but it was quickly forgotten and the song in itself is so pure. If you haven’t heard this song yet, or haven’t heard it in a while, take a trip down memory lane with this 2009 track.


Boys ‘Round Here (featuring Pistol Annies & Friends)

You couldn’t really find a more classic country music song if you tried! While critics may not have necessarily loved this 2013 performance, it was certainly a fan favourite, and you couldn’t get more redneck than this tune. The lyrics are super catchy and makes you want to turn up the volume and sing at the top of your lungs.


Ol’ Red

Fans love this song and that is why, whenever he is performing live, this song always makes the setlist. A lot of different artists also performed this tune, but the fans seemed to only want Blake Shelton’s version of the song. While it never really gained traction on the charts, it still holds a special place in a number of fans’ hearts.


God Gave Me You

Blake Shelton showed off his more spiritual side with this amazing track. Many believe this to be one of his most meaningful records of more recent times. If you haven’t listened to this song before, you should certainly check it out straight away because you are missing out.


Some Beach

This catchy tune was Blake Shelton’s third #1 hit on the country music charts, and for good reason as well. This radio single was well received by many of his fans, and it is still on a lot of people’s country playlist to this very day. It didn’t take very long for fans to believe this was one of his greatest songs.






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