Why Working With Techno Samples Inspires a Blossoming Creativity

DJ’s around the world will attest to the awesome power that resides in some high-quality techno samples. There’s really no limit to the ingenuity that can be construed from layering a variety of different tunes from a simple techno sample pack that can be found in a multitude of places online. After all, building an entirely new tune from scratch, especially in a number of genres can be a time-consuming exercise.

Listening to the various sub-genres in the technological realm of music, there are so many examples of popular and viral sensations having a multitude of techno samples being layered throughout. The concept has been around for some time, and even spoken about in great length by the creators of the viral sensation Despacito where they mention the plethora of modern techno samples and go into possible reasons why they’re so prevalent across the musical genres.

Why Use Them?

There are many reasons one would use techno samples to enhance a track, sometimes it’s a matter of having a familiar sound be present in a track to garner the attention of listeners. Other times it’s a situation where a particular sound or instrument is not within reach for the artist creating the track which necessitates the cultivation of a similar sound. Other times artists will simply want to pay homage to another artist that has influenced them over the years.

There are so many sister songs that are out there in the world that have people bopping to a similar tune. I’m willing to guess that you’ve got one popping in your head as you read it, realising that there is elements of recycling in a lot of our modern musical landscape.

It’s a decent business as well, with many sites offering a range of free techno samples as well as affordable techno samples. Some sites will offer specific genres and styles like Mercurial Tones who have a fantastically hypnotizing Berlin techno sample pack.

How They Craft Creativity

So we’ve established how common it can be to hear a familiar tone in todays music, how does it blossom and craft creativity you may be wondering? Well, it’s simple enough to us, there’s a heavy dose of bravery to utilise someone else’s work for your own, so more often than not – there will be some form of creative juice flowing from the outset.

Another way to consider it is in the necessary ability to listen for how certain beats and tones communicate with one another, this is a trained skill that isn’t as necessary when crafting each tone from the ground up and has allowed some older songs to have a resurgence in the cultural mindset and to take on an entirely new meaning than their original form.

The best part is, with just a computer, a creative ear and some techno samples at your disposal, you too could have your shot at creating and crafting an entirely new sound from the comforts of your own home. Do your homework and have some fun!





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