Why Has Hip-Hop Music Become So Popular?

Hip-hop music has become one of the biggest genres in the world today, and it looks like it is going to remain number one for a long time. But you may be wondering, how did it become so popular in the first place?

To understand the popularity of hip-hop, you need to explore its roots. The music was born out of anti-establishment ideals and is commonly referred to as an artistic creation of the African American community because of their historical exclusion from the mainstream culture in the United States.

While hip-hop is enjoyed by people from all backgrounds, it has remained a unique part of Black culture. This is because many artists write their lyrics based on the hardship faced by their communities and seem to have as much political value as artistic value.

Hip-hop music is more relevant today as the divide between rich and poor grows wider. As more injustices are witnessed by everyday people, hip-hop music becomes more relatable and therefore much more accessible.

There is no doubt that hip-hop music is only going to grow more in popularity before it suffers any kind of decline. That is just one musing on why hip-hop is so popular.





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