5 Best Music Producers To Follow on Instagram in 2021

Instagram has become a place where millions of users online, especially music producers, showcase their talents as well as content, and in 2021 this is wonderful since we are all looking forward to being more productive and positive.

For beginners having someone to look up to is also one way to learn, being inspired would help you to keep motivated, and by following someone on social media your motivation will be one scroll away! To start your year with a beat here are the best music producers you can follow on Instagram.



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Horace Wangnin Saizonou aka TEMPO is a rising music producer who traditionally produces instrumental tracks to create a unique identity in the music industry. He recently created a new track ‘Self’ with Kubla Kahn & Shelley Segal. TEMPO is also a mentor on his founded company www.gtempo.com.

Check out his Instagram here: @tempoiam

Patrick ‘Hot Money’ Osei

Patrick ‘Hot Money’ Osei

Patrick ‘Hot Money’ Osei is a music producer in UK music industry game. He’s been nothing but amazing for over 20 years. He has worked with Krept and Konan, Stormzy, and Stefflon Don, known as some of the biggest names in the UK music industry. This experience has given him great opportunities and a platform to work to. Osei’s experience for 20 years has given him knowledge, expertise, and skill which he believed if shared with the right artist lyricism can result in great hits.

You can follow his journey by following him on his Instagram: @officialhotmoney

Richard Devine


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Richard Devine is an award-winning sound designer, 20 years ago he started as an industrial techno producer. Aside from making and producing music, he is also an in-house sound designer at Google and worked at several brands and applications like Apple, Microsoft, Nike, and more. He is also famous because of his Instagram videos that show off the maestro’s massive, visually stunning studio and custom Eurorack. He is one of the best producers on Earth, let alone Instagram.

Follow his Instagram here: @richarddevine

Kilo House


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Kilo House a famous music producer who is known for his California Trap music. He writes heavy trap beats with an uplifting message. Kilo House is dedicated to spread love, joy, and positivity to the fans and anyone who will listen to his music, with a simple mantra of ‘F***k it and have fun’.

Here’s his ‘gram: @kilo_house



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Butch Serianni is known as OddKidOut is a self-taught producer. At a very young age, Serianni popularity soars up turning his childhood love into a professional pursuit, and is now catching the attention of EDM artists. His love for music makes him what he is right now. OddKidOut have worked to some famous EDM artist like Skrillex.

To know more about him here’s his Instagram: @oddkidout




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