Aussie Hip Hop’s Rise In Popularity In The Past Year

Aussie hip hop has always been around, associated with names like Kerser and 360. With some popularity, the names were known but not everyone would enjoy it, and it certainly didn’t get any recognition outside of Australia. But in the past year, a new sound in Australia has risen in the form of Aussie drill.

With groups like OneFour and Hooligan Hefs leading the game, many more names came behind them, with the likes of HP Boyz, No Money Enterprise and so forth. Furthermore, this music is being played worldwide, specifically in the UK thanks to reaction channels.

The rise of Aussie hip hop has been unprecedented in the past year, with music gaining popularity in top 100 charts in Australia, as well as being played in clubs locally and clubs in the UK. With this fast rise in popularity and evolution in music style, it is exciting to see what is in store for Aussie hip hop in the next coming years.





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