The Greatest Songs of Mozart

There is no doubt that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was one of the best and most influential classical musicians of all time. He couldn’t be one of the greats without having some pretty incredible pieces of music. His work was so influential that it is still well known today and there are many cultural references to him.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart managed to compose over 600 incredible pieces of work, but only a select few were able to make this list. At just 5 years’ of age he composed his first piece, coming from a very talented musical family, it seems as though he was destined for classical music greatness. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived for just 35 years, but had a huge hand in shaping classical music.

The great thing about technology is that you are able to listen to some of his greatest tracks from the comfort of your own home through websites like YouTube or even online music streaming services like Spotify. Have a read on below at some of the greatest tracks composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:


Symphony No. 41

This symphony track was incredibly complex as much as it was brilliant, and as it turned out, it was also Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s last. Everything fitted together so perfectly in this song, which is why it is thought to be one of his best. This track is about 6 minutes long and the finale is certainly worth waiting for.


Quintet in A for Clarinet and Strings

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart truly loved the clarinet and you can hear this instrument a lot in his works. He wrote these tunes with Anton Stadler in mind to play the clarinet. They were the perfect combination and it resulted in absolutely beautiful pieces of music. This is one of the pieces of work that allow Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to really stand out from the rest.


Piano Sonata No. 11

It would take just a couple of seconds for listeners to recognise this wonderful and bouncy tune by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. While the beginning is so easily recognisable, it is known for its grand finale, so make sure to stick around to the end to listen to the master at work. This tune is completely charming and it has the ability to draw you in!


Concerto For Flute, Harp and Orchestra

While Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is said to not enjoy working with the flute as much as other instruments, this piece of work certainly stands out and is one of his best. This was one of his more early works, and it shows real depth, which is why so many people enjoy this song so much. There is real charm in this piece composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and it will certainly draw you in.


Clarinet Concerto in A Major

Another Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart piece featuring the sounds of a clarinet and it was his last instrumental piece before passing away in 1791. Again this piece of work was written for Anton Stadler, the dream team was back together again! This tune is light and exactly something that you would expect from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, which is why it is thought to be one of his best.


Piano Concerto No. 23

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed and played majority of his piano pieces himself, as he was a highly regarded pianist. While there were a number of tunes that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart played live with a piano, this is said to be one of his very best. In this piece, he was able to incorporate a number of different components.





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