5 Best World Music Artists Right Now

Music lovers are always on the hunt for new artists who make great beats and songs. It’s always good to be on the lookout for up and coming artists who can expand your playlist.

Moreover, talent agents and those looking to sign up and coming artists are always looking for the next star who shows great promise.

The music industry is a very over saturated market with millions of people trying to become the next big hit. With this in mind, here are the best music artists right now.

  1. Wiese


Wiese is an up and coming artist from Norway who is rising in the EDM circles. He works as a DJ, producer, songwriter and vocalist, and his talents have created a decent following for him with over 10 million plays on Spotify. If you are a fan of EDM and pop, Wiese just might have the music for you. For sure he is looking to be the next big DJ star, and you should keep an eye out for him in the music scene.

  1. Kilo House

Kilo House

Kilo House is a trap artist based in California who has amassed a decent following on Spotify, with over 50k monthly listeners and 12.4k followers on Soundcloud. Being disabled from childhood, he has never given up on his passion for music and continues to create booming trap beats and songs.

  1. Amalia Kadis

Amalia Kadis

Amalia Kadis is a songwriter and singer who is signed under Aplux Records.

Currently living in Tokyo, Japan, she has worked diligently in the music industry for years now. Preparing to release her third single “Love me”, she continues to work during the pandemic despite several interruptions.

She is definitely worth a listen.

  1. Victoria Monet

Victoria Monet is an up and coming artist who helped to write massive pop hits such as Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next”. Her skills have transferred over to her own music career with Monet preparing to release her single “Moment”.  She focuses on pop and R&B, and empowers fans with her black and queer identity.

  1. Claud

A Brooklyn-based non-binary identifying artist, Claud fuses 80’s style beats with modern pop in order to create a unique sound blend that is magical to the ears. The sound is unique and something refreshing, which is always a good sign in the music industry. Claud is undoubtedly going to go far and you should follow their journey too.

These up and coming young artists are the future of the music industry and you should keep an eye on them as they progress. You never know, one day you may see them topping the global charts.





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