Think Jazz Is Dead? Check Out These Modern Jazz Performers

While many critics view Jazz as a genre of the past, there are still many performers keeping the style alive. If you’re looking for some modern, nifty Jazz sounds, then check out some of the discographies from the performers below!

Andrew Cyrille

Andrew Cyrille turned 80 last year; however, that isn’t stopping this Jazz drummer from continuing to produce more new music. Check out Cyrille’s recent album, “Lebroba”, which received positive reviews from Jazz critics.

The Bad Plus

The Bad Plus are a well-known Jazz trio from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They’ve released a dozen studio albums since 2001 and remain one of the most active, contemporary Jazz bands. Their last album called “It’s Hard” was released in 2016.

Wayne Shorter

While Wayne Shorter came to prominence during the 1950s (a period when Jazz was one of the most popular music genres), he continues to produce new music to this day. Throughout his career, Shorter has received 11 Grammy Awards and his most recent album, “Emanon” was released in 2018 to rave reviews.

Dan Weiss

The final entry in this is Dan Weiss. His music is highly experimental and, at times, incredibly wacky. Check out his 2018 album “Starebaby” to hear it for yourself.






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