Why Artists Like Kazuki Tokaji Are Mentoring The Next Generation

When it comes to educating the next generation, Kazuki Tokaji is wildly adamant about practicing what he preaches. The young artist is no stranger to overcoming incredible odds and succeeding in creating a unique vibration and undeniable sound that stands above the rest. Throughout his musical career, the young artist has managed to become part of two distinctly unique and vibrant bands ‘Dylan n Alice’ and ‘Circle The Earth’.


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He’s also crafted a career unto himself, releasing a number of solo albums and tracks that have been widely acclaimed and on repeat for his fans around the world.

His Educational Journey

Kazuki Tokaji started his self-found journey at the age of 7, when he picked up his very first guitar. He began hearing his Japanese influences through his homelife and when his family moved to the USA, he began collating his influences into a unique and fresh sound that would define his career.

Kazuki Tokaji

He attended the Musicians Institute in Hollywood where he developed even further, learning the ropes of live performance and creating. He even played with Steve Vai and Marty Friedman in his time there which would be a massive highlight for any young artist looking for guidance.

After graduating, he hit the ground running and began writing and releasing his own music to great critical acclaim.

From Learning To Teaching

As any great artist will tell you, teaching benefits the students and the teacher simultaneously. When Tokaji Kazuki isn’t busy creating music himself, or touring with his two bands, he’s teaching a burgeoning generation of musicians. The coaching has allowed him to further develop his own signature style, while impressing a young and exuberant generation of upcoming musicians with the valuable lessons he’s gathered along the way.

Why Mentoring Matters

Artists like Kazuki Tokaji being in the mentoring and coaching game is vital for maintaining a healthy connectivity between artists. His own experience with Marty Friedman and Steve Vai at the Musicians Institute is reason enough to understand the inherent and necessary nature of mentorship in the arts.


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After all, musicians entering the fray of professional artistry see the immense challenge and overwhelming challenges that befall them on their path. Having a helping hand and unique influences like Kazuki Tokaji are what drives the next generation to give it their best shot, to create with authenticity and to not be denied.

You can listening to Kazuki’s music here:

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  • Amazon Music – here
  • Apple Music – here

Follow Kazuki at kazukitokaji.com or connect via IG @kazukiguitar





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