Top 3 Greatest Australian Country-Rock Music Songs

Australia has a rich and vivid history of country music, dating back to the early 20th century. From yodelling to more folk-oriented sounds, Australian country music has been heavily influenced by a range of foreign country genres, like traditional American country and Celtic folk. Here are Australia’s top 3 best country music songs.

#1 A Pub with No Beer

Arguably Slim Dusty’s most famous song, “A Pub with No Beer” has been an iconic Australian country tune since its release in 1962. It is believed that the song was initially written by Gordon Parsons in 1954; however, Dusty’s rendition has become the most well-known Down Under.

#2 I Was Only 19

While not traditionally seen as a country song, Redgum’s “I Was Only 19” is one of Australia’s greatest ever protest songs. Redgum, a folk band formed in Adelaide in 1975, wrote the song in protest of the Vietnam War and its effects on the soldiers returning home, many of whom were scarred by the conflict and a disturbingly unsympathetic public.

#3 Boys from the Bush

Closing off our list is Lee Kernaghan’s ‘Boys from the Bush”, which was released in 1992. Featuring laconic Aussie lyrics and humour. In 2004, Kernaghan received an Order of Australia Medal for services to regional Australia and country music.






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