What Is EDM? A Beginner’s Guide

Over the last decade, EDM has emerged as one of the most popular, mainstream genres of music in the world. EDM artists, like DJs, are consistently the most sought-after acts in the world. The origins of EDM can be traced back to the disco genre in the 1970s. Synthetic variations to disco sounds culminated in a style now known as synthpop, which can be linked to songs like “Take on Me” by a-ha.

The 1980s and 1990s saw the beginning of contemporary EDM as we know it today. Techno, hardcore rave and dub all began to break into the mainstream during this time. The early 2000s saw the arrival of some of the veterans of the EDM scene, like Daft Punk, David Guetta and Tiesto. These days, EDM usually consists of remixes or original sound mixes – think of some of the songs by The Chainsmokers and Skrillex.

However, it has become more customary for mainstream pop and hip-hop artists to get in on the EDM scene. Artists like Coldplay, Drake, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have all collaborated with some of the most well-known EDM artists in the industry. It’s hard to believe Taylor Swift used to be a country singer.






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