Top 4 Jazz And Blues Festivals In Australia

While they don’t quite attract the large crowds of people that dominate mainstream music festivals, there are still many popular Jazz and Blues festivals held in Australia most years. If you’re thinking of expanding your music palette, check out some of the best festivals below.

Jazz by the Bay

The Jazz by the Bay Festival takes place across the Margaret River region, usually at around 20 venues. The festival usually takes place between May and June. Check it out for some of the best contemporary Jazz music.

Melbourne International Jazz Festival

Melbourne is well known for its rich cultural history, and Jazz remains a trendy style with the locals. The festival focuses on local talent, interspersed with some of the best international acts going around.

Manly Jazz Festival

Home of one of Australia’s most iconic beaches, Manly is also home to one of New South Wales’s preeminent Jazz festivals. This fantastic festival takes place on Manly Beach itself and features hundreds of free performances from international artists.

Newcastle Jazz Festival

The Newcastle Jazz Festival attracts enthusiasts from not just Australia but often New Zealand as well. It features a variety of different Jazz strains, ranging from contemporary to traditional performances. There’s something for everyone to enjoy!


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