Why Is Hip Hop The Most Popular Genre In The World?

With hip hop overtaking rock and pop as the most popular genre in the world, it is incredible to see how far it has come, from the days when rap was shunned as an underground political movement.

But how did it become so popular? Hip hop was always rising with popularity in the past 10 years, as it became more and more accepted.

But around 2016, once artists like Drake started to take off more, pop music started to fuse with rap music. Songs like ‘Hotline Bling’ topped charts, and the fusion between rap and pop was born.

More and more songs were released following this formula, and continued to top charts. The songs started to become club bangers, and people loved it. This fusion of the two genres paved the way for different rapping styles such as mumble rap, further increasing hip hop’s popularity.

Before we knew it, it was the most popular genre in the world.





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