3 Traits Needed To Be Successful In Hip-Hop

If you want to be a rapper in the hip-hop scene, then there are some traits you will want to be sure that you have to succeed. Not just anyone can find success in the world of hip-hop, and you need to be sure you have what it takes.

Take a look at the following 3 traits you need to make it big in hip-hop.

1.   A relatable story to tell

The best hip-hop artists, like Tupac Shakur and Drake, all have a unique story to tell about personal hardship. This is what makes hip-hop relatable to and popular with everyday people.

2.   Lyrical/rhyming ability

To stand out as a hip-hop artist, you don’t just need a good voice – you need to talent to use it. Rhythm and flow are the names of the gap in the rap/hip-hop scene, so make sure you spend a lot of time mastering that aspect of it.

3.   Perseverance

Every single hip-hop artist alive with any success will tell you that they have faced a lot of negative feedback. The hip-hop scene can be very toxic with groups of fans going to war with one another about the quality of artists.






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