Tips For Going To Your First Metal Concert

If you love metal music, then it’s to be expected that you’d want to attend a live event featuring it. However, if you’ve seen videos online of these events, you might be a little intimidated by what you see.

The following will examine a few tips to keep in mind if you are thinking about attending your first metal concert.

1.   Protect your hearing with earplugs

Metal music is known for how loud it is. While safety measures may not be considered very cool by most in the crowd, veterans will confess that ringing ears, and industrial deafness aren’t very cool either. Do yourself a favour and wear earplugs (most won’t even notice you’re wearing them anyway!)

2.   Be aware of ‘the pit.’

If you are going to a very aggressive style of the metal concert, it’s safe to assume there will be a ‘pit’ that almost always manifests in the front of the centre of the stage. The pit is filled with ‘moshers’ who throw themselves around and run into each other deliberately as part of the ritual. If you don’t want to be a part of this, then steer clear.

3.   Have fun

While your first metal show can be quite daunting, remember to have fun and don’t let anything ruin that for you.





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